Wedding Keepsakes Box


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LIVE your memories. CAPTURE special moments by keeping something small from that moment in time. REMEMBER any time, by taking out your box, telling the story, or just reflecting on it yourself.
See DESCRIPTION below for a full list of what’s included in the box.

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How to use your memory keepsakes box

Use our handy list to collect items which you can remove and touch, look at, or listen to when you’re reminiscing about this special time in your life. We’ve provided a few different bottles for keeping your memories dry and safe, and displaying them in the best possible way.

What is included in the box?

1 x High Quality Pinewood Keepsakes Box with brass closure
1 x Ideas for Wedding Keepsakes
1 x Wedding Cost Checklist (3-fold Brochure)
1 x Flower Press
8 x Variety of Glass Tubes and Bottles for Storage
1 x 8gig Crystal USB for Photo Storage
1 x Washi Tape

Materials & Care

  • Pinewood Keepsakes Box with printed slogan.
  • Don’t scrub or scratch the slogan, otherwise it will fade or be removed.
  • Don’t allow the box or card to be exposed to moisture in order to avoid damage, and to preserve it for longer.
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